2015 Honda Pilot – Update,Redesign, Price and Release Date

2015 Honda Pilot

Soon we will be officially introduced to the new 2015 Honda Pilot, but until then we will have to speculate and to be satisfied with unconfirmed information. From all we know this new version will be redesigned and upgraded in many aspects.

2015 Honda Pilot front

2015 Honda Pilot will, of course, be an SUV model like previous versions but there will be changes when it comes to the exterior appearance. Boxy shape of the vehicle is history and the new model gets fine and subtle exterior design. The aerodynamics will be improved which will affect the better fuel efficiency.  Interior design will also be largely improved, especially when it comes to comfort. 2015 Honda Pilot is a vehicle designed for seven people, but inside the vehicle there is enough space to fit eight people easily. Another improvement regarding the interior, is the space between the second and third row seat, which is now more comfortable than on the previous versions. The seats itself will be redesigned and be much more comfortable than before. Many high tech features, like back up camera, cruise control, USB, improved climate system together with high quality materials will adorn the interior and provide a great experience, both for the driver and for the passengers. Like previous versions the 2015 Honda Pilot will be offered in four different trim levels: LX, EX, EX-L and Touring level. Let’s not forget to mention that the cargo space will also be increased.

2015 Honda Pilot side-left

When it comes to the power train of the new 2015 Honda Pilot, there are rumors that there will be two included in offer, but we have information only about one. From what we know, under the hood will be embedded the 3.5 liter V6 engine which provides 310 hp and 256 lb.-ft. of torque. Depending on the trim level, 2015 Honda Pilot will have the options for all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. Engine will be paired with two different type of transmissions: 6-speed automatic for the all wheel drive, and, a CVT automatic gearbox for the front-wheel drive.  For the making of this new model more aluminum will be used so the car will be lighter than the previous version. This combined with better aerodynamic, that we mentioned before, will provide a better fuel efficiency. Like we said, we don’t have any information about the other engine or whether there will be another engine included in the offer, we will have to wait and see.

2015 Honda Pilot side

2015 Honda Pilot Price and Release Date

The new 2015 Honda Pilot will be officially announced somewhere in the middle of this year, and then we will know all the facts. The price is also not officially known, but we can assume. Our predictions are that the price of the new 2015 Honda Pilot will be from $ 31 000 to $ 41 500, depending on the trim level.

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